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Meaning of Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship education is a process of acquiring the knowledge, attitude and psycho-productive skills for self-reliance, job creation and other forms of independent living in the absence of paid employment.

Entrepreneurship education has been accepted as one of the strategies to achieve the solutions of macro-economic problems. Therefore, it was not surprising that the federal government of Nigeria introduced Entrepreneurship education which is aimed at equipping tertiary students with entrepreneurial skills, attitudes and competencies in order to be job creators and not job seekers. Entrepreneurship implies the willingness and the ability of an individual to seek investment opportunities in an environment and be able to establish and run an enterprise successfully based on identified opportunities.

The fluctuating job market and increasing awareness of the need for vocational graduates to become self-employed have necessitated the inclusion of entrepreneurship education into the curriculum of tertiary institutions. By foregoing, entrepreneurship education is designed to prepare individuals to undertake the formation and/or operation of small scale business enterprises.




About Us

The Entrepreneurship Development Centre of  FECOLART was established in 2010 as a Unit, saddled with the responsibilities of coordinating Entrepreneurship Education and managing/maintaining Entrepreneurial activities (Practical/Enterprise) in the college. It is a custom-built and all semester programme which is compulsory for all students of the college irrespective of the student’s chosen field of study. It involves both theory and practical.


Our Mission

To inculcate entrepreneurial spirit, skills and knowledge in the students of Federal College of Land Resources Technology and others in the external context so as to empower them to become wealth creators.


Our Vision

To make the students of Federal College of Land Resources Technology job creators and other forms of independent living in the absence of paid employment.


Objectives of the Entrepreneurship Development Centre

  • To Create and promote entrepreneurial awareness and opportunities; Imparting entrepreneurial skills in the students, staff, and members of the external context in contact with the Centre;

  • To initiate employers of labour in FECOLART graduates, thereby depleting unemployment which will go a long way  in Stimulating the development and growth of  Nigeria’s economy

·         To develop and inculcate proper values for the survival of the students and the society.

·         To acquire both physical and intellectual skills that will enable the students to be self-reliant and useful members of the society.

·       To develop the intellectual capability of the students to understand and appreciate their local and external environments.


Approaches of Entrepreneurship Education in FECOLART

1.     1.       Offering courses

We offer required courses and elective courses concerning entrepreneurship education


2.   2.    Giving lectures

       As a kind of mini-course of entrepreneurship education, lecture has the features of short time, large content, rich information and flexible forms and it     is an effective way to implement entrepreneurship education in college. From time to time, the unit invites entrepreneurs of various industries to give
lectures to college students.


3.        Developing workshops

Developing workshops is one of the important aspects of college student’s entrepreneurship education. Workshops are mainly supported by the organizations and implement by college student’s entrepreneurship associations and groups.

4.       Visiting pioneering parks/excursions
         The Entrepreneurship unit most times makes arrangements for students to visit and study pioneering parks and science & technology parks to make them have perceptual knowledge of enterprises.


5.       Practical

This is the part that consumes the unit/ hours of the course. Where by students are introduced and allowed to carry out practicals.

Our Products

·       Agricultural products such as cassava, maize, garden egg, and plantain.

·       Apiary (Honey Production)

·       Birds (Poultry)

·       Aquaculture (Fish)

·       Emulsion paints

·        Liquid and tablet soaps.

·        Air fresheners and perfume.

·       Confectionaries


A country that has more entrepreneurs creates a competitive environment which may result in lower prices of goods and services thereby creating a better standard of living. In Nigeria, the standard of living is even distorting, much still needs to be done to achieve good standard. The level of unemployment is increasing at a geometrical speed in comparison with little or no jobs created. This is the reason why entrepreneurship education has been given adequate attention in our college; hence it has a very significant effect in sustaining the citizens and also enhances development.

For enquiry and consultation contact Mr. Okechukwu Stanley

 (Director EDC) FECOLART Owerri.

[email protected]