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Meaning of Environment and its management: The environment consists of our physical, biological. social, cultural and the chemical aspects of our surroundings such as landforms, water, vegetation, man and animals and the air.


While environmental management systems or technologies are techniques, ways & methods employed to manage, conserve & protect the environment for sustainable development, or it refers to the management of programmes in a comprehensive, systematic, planned & documented manner. This included the organizational structure, planning for developing and implementing a policy for environmental protection.


Therefore environmental technology prepares students to be in the frontline of protecting our environment, courses here include, recycling of hazardous wastes management, green energy planning or climate change management, control of emission that cause pollution etc.   


A general outline of environmental management system:

This helps sustainable business implement systems that help reduce the impact of a project on the environment while operating efficiently.


The scope and aspects of environmental management, economical and other aspects of the environment and its main objective is to identify the environmental problems and to find a solution. In summary a clean environment is essential for a healthy living.


Importance of environmental management:

The essence of this discipline in a college of land resource technology is that it creates an awareness an educative discipline on the preventions and mitigations of environmental problems eg erosion, land degradation, pollution, global warming, green house effects all forms of degradations and abuse on natural resources. In addition, man himself needs to be guided in his day to day activities.


These objectives will be achieved by means of Environmental Management Policies, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Education and Awareness Programmes to ensure Sustainable Development.


Departmental Practical.

The students engage in several practical lessons to demonstrate physically what they are being thought. Field visits to gully erosion sites, environmental laboratory preparations. Climate and metrological stations,  assessment  and interpretations.


Consultancy services: The department is equally open for consultancy services to external bodies and organizations in different aspects of environmental management.


Bsc Geography and Planning,

Msc Land Resources Development 

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